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Nov 27–Nov 28 giorno intero Fondazione IRCCS - Istituto Nazionale Tumori, Milano - Aula Magna
Descrizione e obiettivo dell'evento: The conference will focus on the role of immune cells in tumor development and progression and on the possible strategies to re-educate tumor-promoting leukocytes toward anti-tumor functions; sessions will cover different topics such as immunosuppression, immunotherapy, tumor microenvironment in hematological tumors, and new in vitro tools to modeling cancer-immune cell interaction such as 3D cultures and Continue Reading
Dic 1@14:30–19:30 Aula E – Istituti Biologici
  Dr. Francesco Raimondi CellNetworks Excellenz Cluster University of Heidelberg Germany I’m broadly interested in applying structural and integrative bioinformatics approaches to characterize and combine heterogeneous experimental information, with a special focus on understanding signal transduction mechanisms in health and disease. I will present the results of an ongoing collaborative project aimed at revealing, through integrative modelling, the structure and Continue Reading
Mar 8 giorno intero Aula Magna “Giorgio De Sandre”, University of Verona
Model systems drive biological research by recapitulating body processes and functions from the molecular to whole organism level. The human body is composed of both cellular and non-cellular material organized in a specialized manner. It is difficult to mimic all aspects of human biology with one in-vitro model. 3D cell culture models are a more accurate representation of the natural Continue Reading