Stefania Meschini

Stefania Meschini graduaded in Biology at University Sapienza of Roma, Italy in 1980 and obtained the Specialization in General Pathology at University Sapienza of Roma, Italy in 1984.

She worked at Italian National Istitute of Health (ISS), Roma, Italy, as Technical Researcher at Laboratory of Ultrastructure and in Materials and Environmental Pollutants Unit, between 1984-­‐1987 and in the Laboratory of Ultrastructure, Ultrastructural Pathology Unit, between 1988-­‐2000 and as Researcher at Department of Technology and Health, Ultrastructural Methods for Innovative Anticancer Therapies Unit between 2002-­‐2012.

Currently working as Senior Researcher at the National Research Center and the Preclinical and Clinical Evaluation of Drugs (CNRFV), ISS, Roma Italy.

Her research is focused on the study of cellular mechanisms (multidrug resistance (MDR), migration and invasion of cancer cells) of sintetic and natural antitumor agents. Critical analysis of apoptosis and autophagy pathways as markers of cancer progression. Ultrastructural and spectroscopic studies on the MDR occurrence in the cancer cells. Interaction between cells and nanoparticles (NPs), with reference on induction of cytotoxic damage and/or benefit, as intelligent drug carriers for cancer treatments. She holds an Italian patent and an International Patent, Patent Cooperation Treaty (PCT).
In 2010-­‐ 2011 was elected member and expert in the Nanomaterial Group in the ISS cooperation.

In 2012 was elected Member of the Scientific Committee of the Integrated Oncology Research Association (A.R.T.O.I.).

In 2013 was elected expert for authorization request to the Ministry of Health, articles. 8 and 9 of D.L. Vo 119 of 27/1/1992 on: Research title “Acute toxicity test according to the request for classification and labeling of substances dangerous to human health and the environment. In 2015 was elected, vice-­‐president, in the Board of Directors of Italian Microscopic Society (SISM).

She co-­‐authored more than 82 papers in international peer-­‐review journals (H-­‐index: 29)

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