Leveraging protein structure and mechanistic knowledge to better understand human diseases in the personalized-medicine era

1 Dicembre 2017@14:30–19:30
Aula E – Istituti Biologici
Str. le Grazie
8, 37134 Verona VR
Massimo Donatelli


Dr. Francesco Raimondi
CellNetworks Excellenz Cluster
University of Heidelberg


I’m broadly interested in applying structural and integrative bioinformatics approaches to
characterize and combine heterogeneous experimental information, with a special focus on understanding signal transduction mechanisms in health and disease.
I will present the results of an ongoing collaborative project aimed at revealing, through
integrative modelling, the structure and function of LRRK2, a multi-domain protein with dual GTPase and Kinase activities, which represents the main cause of congenital Parkinson Disease. We have recently proposed the first model of the quaternary structure of this key enzyme, which is now illuminating on new potential ways to allosterically modulate its kinase activity.
I also employ multi-scale methods, spanning from 3D structures to biological pathways, to
interpret the functional consequences of protein variations and modifications from large-scale genomics and proteomics datasets. I will show recent applications of these approaches in cancer genomics, discussing their potential as predictive tools for personalized-medicine applications.


Massimo Donatelli: massimo.donatelli[et]univr.it

Daniele Dell'Orco: daniele.dellorco[et]univr.it

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