Chiara Riganti

Chiara Riganti graduated in Medicine at University of Torino, Italy in 2002, and obtained the Specialization in Clinical Biochemistry at University of Torino, Italy, in 2006.

She worked as visiting scientist at the Institute Cochine, INSERM, Paris, in 2010 and as visiting professor at the Weizmann Institute of Science, Rehovot, Israel in 2011 and 2013.

She is currently associate professor of biochemistry at the University of Torino, Italy.

Her research is focused on the biochemical basis of multidrug resistance and immune-resistance/immune-tolerance in cancer cells, and on the validation of multi-target chemo- and immune-sensitizer drugs.

She awarded the “SIB medal” for young investigators (2005); the “AICC prize for senior investigators” (2011); the “Outstanding Achievements in Oncology Award” (2017). She tied for the Gianni Bonadonna Prize for the “Development of New Drugs in Oncology”(2017).

She co-authored more than 130 papers in international peer-review journals (H-index: 35) and filed 3 patents.

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