Maria Teresa Di Martino

Maria Teresa Di Martino graduated in Biology at Science School, University of  Catania, Italy in 1988 and achieved Specialty degree in Clinical Biochemistry and Molecular Biology at Medical School Magna Graecia University of Catanzaro,  Catanzaro, Italy in 2007.

She served as Researcher at Biotechnology section of Agriculture Industrial Development, SpA (1991-1997), with the specific aim to generate SOD-mutants to induce resistance and molecular diagnostic assay in plants. Then she accrued   University of Catanzaro, Clinical Chemistry Unit and Neonatal Screening (1997-2005), acting as diagnostic-clinical staff. She was guest researcher at Jerome Lipper Multiple Myeloma Center, Department of Medical Oncology, Dana-Farber Cancer Institute and Harvard Medical School, Boston (2006-2007). In this work period, she focalized on potential and novel applications of molecular profiling technologies for the study of the bio-pathology and the experimental treatment of Multiple Myeloma.

Currently she is researcher and biologist at Magna Graecia University of Catanzaro, Department of Experimental and Clinical Medicine, Italy, acting as diagnostic-clinical staff at Medical Oncology and Translational Medical Oncology Unit, Specifically, she acts at Laboratory of Molecular Profiling and modern technologies development in the emerging precision medicine. The main research focus is to gain novel information in the molecular architecture of the cancer disease and derive the rational for defining novel biomarkers and new technology tools to be translated in the clinical setting for the study of RNA-based experimental therapies in multiple myeloma and hereditary cancers. 

She is co-author of more than 60 papers in international peer-reviewed journals (Scopus H-index: 35).

She is co-inventor of  2 granted and 6 filed patents.

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