Postdoctoral studies in Infection and Cancer at Karolinska Institute

Two exciting Postdoctoral Research Scientist positions are available in the groups of Professor Maria G. Masucci and Associate Professor Teresa Frisan at the Department of Cell and Molecular Biology. The successful applicants will join a research team studying the molecular mechanisms by which long term infections with oncogenic viruses and bacteria expressing DNA damaging toxins promote carcinogenesis. The two projects focus on:

1. Induction of DNA damage and telomere dysfunction and their contribution to tumor initiation and progression. The objective is to applying fundamental knowledge of cell biology and biochemistry to understand the pathogenesis of infection-associated cancers, ampoule identify new targets for interfering in pro-inflammatory and regulatory pathways, adiposity and study the contribution of oxidative stress to the regulation of virus latency and replication.

2. Characterization of the effects of bacterial genotoxins on tissue architecture (e.g. intestinal tract and liver), nurse the host response (special focus on the immune response), the induction of DNA damage and genomic instability caused by short term and long term infection/intoxication in ex vivoorganoids and in vivo models.

Prior experience of work on one or more of the following area: regulation of DNA damage response and telomere homeostasis, laboratory animal models and certified FELASA C level education will be considered as a merit.

The posts are available immediately for 1 year in the first instance with possibility for extension.



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