TARGETED PROTEIN DEGRADATION: from biology to pharmacology

When: 04-June 2024 Where: IRCCS Istituo Ortopedico Rizzoli Centro di Ricerca Codivilla Putti – Aula MarchettiVia di Barbiano 1/10, Bologna Contact: aicc.meeting[et] CONFERENCE AIMS TARGETED PROTEIN DEGRADATION:from biology to pharmacology Targeted protein degradation is an emerging therapeutic modality based on the use ofsmall molecules called degraders with the potential to tackle “undruggable targets” thathave historically …

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San Basilio - AICC

[04-06 dic 2023] L’AQUILA – Technological advances in dissecting complex disease
landscapes have catapulted scientists into the precision medicine era. The lesson of precision medicine might be that treatment should be personalized, as each patient features a unique disease’s molecular and immune landscape.
High-throughput methods in genomics, transcriptomics, metabolomics and proteomics have significantly improved illness treatment and prevention, and precision medicine is nowadays revolutionizing the way drugs are developed, benefiting patients, the pharmaceutical industry, and the whole society.

34th AICC ANNUAL CONFERENCE – Organoids models of human diseases


[01-03 dic 2022] NAPLES – Hybrid meeting – Organoid technology currently represents a fundamental tool for both basic and translational research. Their potential to faithfully recapitulate human disease is the key for biomedical research in the present and in a near future. The aim of this congress is to gather national and international experts in the field to provide updated knowledge on organoids as models of human diseases.


NANOMEDICINE ROME 2018: International Conference on Nanomedicine (June 18-20, 2018) The Conference, organized by the National Center for Drug Research and Evaluation of ISS and by the Institute of Chemical Methodologies of the CNR of Rome, will be held in the Aula Magna of the Istituto Superiore di Sanità (ISS). The event represents the 5th …

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